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i finaly saw an ENT today and was hopeful that would get me somewhere compared to the 5+ gps and ers i had visited, and it did!

it turned out rather than tonsillitis i most likely have LPR/laryngopharyngeal reflux, an acid reflux disease which shares about all of the symptoms i have

it doesn’t need surgery though i am being put on medication, and i’m not allowed to have spicy/caffeinated/carbonated/acidic/peppermint/sweet/fatty/grapefruit/alcoholic/basically anything, so i’m being put on very bland and simple foods too 

i also need to maintain a low stress level because LPR is worsened by stress, which i am not the best at managing at all

my ent told me it will take about a month for my meds to show any significant changes, so i’m hoping this will be the end of my problems

once again thanks to everyone to offered support whether monetary, through kind words or signal boosting! 

emergency commissions are now closed, though regular commissions are still open and i’ll be offering custom adopts and special commissions soon since finances have been one of the biggest stressors for me as of late

on that same note, if i take breaks few and far between it’s likely because of this-my stress levels are already bad, so i want to take the breaks i can to help myself before i go back to college and face that stress and anxiety

p.s. my mom and my boyfriend are already making fun about only buying me applesauce and babyfood, so it’s all good

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